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Recent News

My cabaret, Naughty, premiered at the Edinburgh FF in August and played there all month. From that came a gig in Malta(!), a couple of US engagements, and an invitation to headline at the Holt Festival in the UK this coming July, yahoo!!!

Richard Kline and I took “Tales of Life and Death” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the month of August 2017

LUCKY STIFF is now available on iTunes Movies and OnDemand.

Here are some reviews...

Here's the TRAILER!

"Pamela Shaw's character, Rita, is wildly impulsive, seriously myopic and highly dangerous when carrying a gun. SHAW is a laugh riot and a galvanizing factor in the film."
~ Pat Donnelly, The Gazzette

"Pamela(Shaw) gives a hilarious and over the top performance as diva Rita La Porto-"
~ Joanna Orland, Loose Lips

"Pamela Shaw blinds everyone (pun intended) with her extravagant performance, and she’s the funniest character by far, diving right in all the madness ."
~ Sara Galvao, Portuguese Take Magazine

"More dangerous is Rita, an aging bombshell from Atlantic City (Pamela Shaw), who was Tony's (Dennis Farina) mistress....A breathlessly silly musical farce."
~ Dennis Harvey, Variety


"The ensemble cast is splendid, with a few standouts... Pamela Shaw, playing a psychic with her own agenda, brings a world-altering revelation to Jepsen’s character, giving her a refreshing moment of humanity that the character desperately needed."
~ Theater in the Now

"The other strong player was Pamela Shaw who, despite being placed in some of the odder pieces, was a natural. The language came easy to Shaw who was beyond persuasive in each scene."
~ The Easy

"Benjamin is seduced by a powerful, horny, middle-aged woman (Pamela Shaw).. Peet and Shaw’s authentic chemistry and first-rate performances complement each other extremely well and create a solid foundation for other actors to shine."
~ Off Off Online

"It was also nice to see Pamela Shaw on stage after we enjoyed her so much in the movie "Lucky Stiff"."
~ Hi! Drama